Cultivating IT talent since 1993
Take a test of logic and knowledge of English
and receive a personalized financing offer training at Tel-Ran school at the expense of the state or partner funds
We will help you get financingand cover up to 100% of the cost of training
Up to 100%
Make a decision within 1-2 weeks.
You can study for free if you receive funding from the state. Many do not even know that they have such an opportunity!
JobCenter and Agentur für Arbeit
Up to 60%
Make a decision within 2-3 days.
You can partially cover the cost of education through a grant from funds to support immigrants from the former Soviet Union or other funds-partners of our school.
Non-state partner funds
To do this, you need to pass a small test and answer several organizational questions
The time for passing the test is not limited
Average test execution 10 minutes
Intermediate level of difficulty (questions for logic and basic knowledge of English)
Based on the test results, you will receive:
Personal offer about training (Angebot)
Full package of documents for your consultant (Berater) at Job Center or Arbeitsagentur
Or we will immediately fill out an application for financing to partner funds for you
We will answer all questions and tell you:
Get a free consultation on training and employment
  • How to get funding from the state or partner funds

  • How is learning online and which format will be more convenient for you

  • How to find a job after the course
Yaroslav Berlion,
Training Consultant
Berlin office
Linkstraße 2, 10785 Berlin, 8 Floor
(Potsdammer plaz), Germany

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