Our goal is to enable people who are looking for work — or who want to reorient themselves professionally to exciting, fulfilling and in demand careers — while also counteracting the shortage of skilled workers.

We train developers to thrive in deeply technical environments. We continuously monitor current developments and best practices in the software development industry. Upon completing our courses, our students are ready to contribute to building modern IT architecture using the latest technologies for their companies.

We welcome talent from various different backgrounds. Our instructors are multilingual and we strive to provide you with an accommodating environment, keeping in mind cultural differences.

Our practical lessons and real-world projects teach students to think in terms of trade-offs and best practices. They won't learn theory. They will learn by doing. This way, they will be able to hit the ground running in their future careers.

We deeply value quality, customer satisfaction and continuous improvement of our services through constant evaluation and optimization.

Accordingly, we strive for a high level of satisfaction for our students and professors. We aim to show that our commitment towards our employees is exemplary of both social and economic integrity.
International Tech School Tel-Ran, est.1993
Teaching IT skills and assisting with career development
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